Accept The Challenge

Total Warrior is a challenge not a race! However, we fully believe in competition and applaud anyone who wants to try and set the fastest time.


Leeds, Bramham Park

Leeds, Bramham Park

Coming back after an amazing 2014. mud, mud and more mud!!

The Lake District

The Lake District

The home of Total Warrior for 5 years. Its tough! Its brilliant!



The new boy for 2015 – Get ready for one hell of a course!

Season Pass 2015

Due to increasing demand from Warriors, we are now offering a TW 2015 Season Pass. The price is £130 up until midnight on 19th Feb then £150 from 20th Feb until this offer closes at midnight on 30th July.

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Amazing course, loved It!! I feel like I have been kicked in the... ribs!! Bring on Next Year…

H. Cottam - 2014 Warrior


Training for Total Warrior

Total Warrior is an extreme event which will test you both physically and mentally. Make sure you come prepared for anything!! If you would like some tips on training or to follow our training regime in the build up to the event visit our Training page.