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What is Total Warrior?

Total Warrior is a unique event which offers you the chance to test your all round fitness and mental determination over the 3K Junior Warrior course, the 6K ‘Half’ course or the original 12K course. You will have to overcome rugged terrain 10 to 25 specially designed obstacles.


How do I register?

Click on your chosen event and follow the online instructions – ENTER NOW

I have registered for an event but need to transfer to a different event, how do I do this?

If you would like to transfer to a different event, please email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to organise this for you. Transfers can only be made if the event you want to switch to is not full. Transfers are charged at £15pp.

Can I get a refund if I decide not to enter or if I am injured?

We do not give refunds but we do offer 3 options for Warriors who are unable to take part for any reason:

Option 1 – Make a substitution
Option 2 – Transfer events
Option 3 – Defer your entry
There is a £15 fee p/p for any of the above options. No changes (substitutions, transfers or deferred entries) can be made to registrations under any circumstances in the 7 days leading up to the event you have entered. You can only transfer to another event if that event is not sold out.

Please email [email protected] to let them know which option you would like to choose and we’ll be happy to organise this for you.

Do I get a confirmation email?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email from our registration company confirming your entry. All event info is sent via email so it’s essential you give the correct email address and also keep an eye on your spam inbox in case things end up in there.

I registered as an ‘Individual’ but would like to join an existing team, how do I do this?

  • 1. Log in to Race Space
  • 2. Select MY ENTRIES from the tabs/drop-down
  • 3. Click ‘Edit entry’ on the right side of the entry you want to change
  • 4. Under ‘Team Details’, type the name of the team you’d like to join, then select it (you may need to type a password)

I would like to change teams, how do I do this?

  • 1. Log in to Race Space
  • 2. Select MY ENTRIES from the tabs/drop-down
  • 3. Click ‘Edit entry’ on the right side of the entry you want to change
  • 4. Under ‘Team Details’, click ‘Leave team’
  • 6. Under ‘Team Details’, type the name of the team you’d like to join, then select it (you may need to type a password)

Is it possible to change the Team Captain when the team is already set up?

Yes. In order to do this, the registered Team Captain will need to follow the below process:

  • 1. Current captain logs in to Race Space
  • 2. Find team under MY TEAMS
  • 3. Click MANAGE TEAM on team page
  • 4. Click ‘View’ on the person you’d like to make captain
  • 5. Change permissions to ‘Team Captain’
  • 6. Click UPDATE
  • When is the closing date for entries?

    The final deadline for each event is at midnight on the Thursday before that event. There are several deadlines leading up to this date where the price increases, so be sure to enter early if you want the best deal.

    Why is there a handling fee?

    Our registration partner charges for the cost of transaction with the bank, money always goes to the bank! The fee is a percentage of the ticket price so when ticket prices increase as we get closer to the event, the transaction fee also increases. As such the fees are lower for Junior Warrior and higher for Ultra Warrior due to the ticket prices for each event.

    Are my credit/debit card details safe?

    Yes, this is why we chose to work in partnership with Race Space. They have maximum security ratings. Check them out on google for more info.

    Can I register by phone or by post?

    No, only online registrations will be accepted for the events.

    How can I get a discount?

    You can get a discount by entering early, the earlier you enter the larger the discount. You can also receive an extra discount by entering with a team, so why not get your mates to join you? The bigger your team, the bigger your discount. To find out more about team discounts please go to the Teams Page. PLEASE NOTE: Team discounts do not apply during the Launch Special as this is the maximum discount for everyone.

    Can I run for a charity?

    Yes, we would support anyone who participates and raises money for charity. We are proud to work with a number of Lead Charity Partners and Charity Tribe partners each year at the events. For more info about running for charity or our charity partnerships, please go to our Charity page.


    How many people do I need to make a team?

    The minimum number for an official team entry (and team discount) is 4 people. There is no maximum limit to the size of your team and often teams increase above the original size anticipated, which is fine. The biggest team we have had was 396 team members. Check out the Teams Page for more info.

    Do you have team discounts?

    Yes, the more Warriors you have in your team means the more discount you receive. Check out the Teams Page for more info.

    Can the size of team change?

    Yes. However, we have set discounts for different team sizes and you must reach the minimum requirements. If you end up with more team members than anticipated, we will still honour the original discount for extra team members.

    How do I add mates to my team?

    On the registration page you will see a Team Entry ticket. The Team Captain registers via this option and then selects the ‘Create a Team’ option, creating a Team Name and Password. Participants wanting to ‘Join a Team’ should select the Team Entry ticket and then search and join the team via the ‘Join a Team’ option in the registration process. It is essential that joining members use the EXACT team name (and password if relevant) in order to locate and join their team.

    Does everyone need to enter at the same time?

    No, the Team Captain will set up the team and additional members can enter anytime afterwards. By selecting the ‘Join a Team’ option during registration, each team member is automatically given the same wave time as their Team Captain. Warning – team members will not be able to join if the event has sold out. If a Team Captain selects a team size (e.g. 16 – 24), this does not reserve those places. Places are only booked when they are paid for and each registration is completed. We therefore strongly advise team members to book as soon as possible after the Team Captain to avoid disappointment.

    Do we all go in the same wave?

    Yes, the Team Captain selects their ‘preferred’ start time and all other team members (who join that team) are automatically allocated into the same wave as their Team Captain.

    Is there a team prize?

    Yes, there will be spot prizes on the day for things such as the fastest team and best fancy dress etc. The fastest team is based on the time the fourth team member crosses the line.


    How should I train for Total Warrior?

    Total Warrior is an extreme event. The distances vary from 10K or 10 Miles, so being able to cover this distance is a minimum requirement. The terrain and obstacles will make this much harder than a standard event (expect to double your time!). Check out the Training Page for more info.

    What should I wear?

    Good question, it’s the summer but it’s also the UK so our advice is to come prepared! You’ll obviously need your normal running gear and make sure you have tight trainers as you may be likely to lose one! We would also advise you to wear something you are happy not to need in the future! A full change of warm clothes is essential along with a towel.

    What Should I bring on the day?

    A full change of clothes along with your running gear and a towel. A wise man once said… “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!” There will be food outlets and a bar onsite but there is no access to a cash point, so don’t forget to bring enough money with you.


    Why all the extreme obstacles?

    10ks, Marathons and Trail Runs are great but let’s step this up a notch in terms of a personal test. Running in a 10K can be a great challenge but imagine being faced with 8ft walls, swamps, electric shocks, tunnels and fire to name just a few – suddenly that 10K sounds easy, maybe a little too easy!!

    Is Total Warrior similar to other obstacle based events?

    There are some great obstacle events across the UK but Total Warrior prides itself on having the greatest courses set in the finest venues. Our focus is on providing the best possible quality in every area, from the location, course and event village through to the after party, music and bar. But don’t take our word for it, checkout the Mudstacle Review to see for yourself. Come prepared for much more than just a race!

    How do I enter?

    Total Warrior uses an online only registration process. Simply choose your event and click the ‘Enter Now’

    Can I enter more than one day?

    Yes. This is known as a weekend pass and gives you entry to both days. Go to the specific event page you are interested in entering for more info. We also have a TW Season Pass, which gives you access to all event days at each venue. The Season Pass does not include entry to Junior Warrior or Ultra Warrior events.

    What is included in the entry fee?

    Your fee includes entry into the toughest challenge of your life, a post event party with music, a free beer, timing chip, headband, tattoo (temporary!) and t-shirt!

    Why do we start in waves?

    Each wave will have a maximum number of entrants and will set off at 20-25 minute intervals starting from 10am each day. We set off in waves to avoid major bottlenecks, which is something we are very keen to avoid. Electronic chips will be used so regardless of your wave you can still be crowned champ!

    Can I view the course?

    The course will be built in the weeks and months leading up to the event but you can see a list of the obstacles on our Course page now. Why not have a look, get excited (and maybe a little scared) about what you have to face!

    Will the results be posted online?

    Yes, the results from events are posted online via links our website. You can view these immediately after you cross the finish line.

    Where can I get photos of the event?

    Photos will be available to purchase online after the event. Details of how and when will be circulated via email and social media.

    What age do I need to be to enter?

    To enter Total Warrior you must be at least 16 years old on the day of the event you are entering. There is no maximum age but you are required to sign a waiver to confirm your fitness for the event.


    Do I need to be able to swim?

    No, but you will need to fully submerge (briefly) on the ‘Dunking Time’ obstacle. You will not be out of your depth so swimming is not a pre requisite. There are a number of water obstacles at each venue but all deep water obstacles will have lifeguards and also a shallower alternative.

    What if I can’t complete an obstacle?

    Hopefully a fellow Warrior will help you, but if you really can’t complete an obstacle one of our marshals will allow you to miss the obstacle and will determine if you are able to carry on.

    Is there a time limit?

    No, but marshals and event staff will judge if struggling participants are fit to continue. The Lake district Sunday 10 Miler may have a time cut off for participants entering the fell loop so if you think you might be slow, you need to choose one of the earlier start waves.

    Will there be showers?

    There are no showers at the event but there are lots of hand wash facilities close to the finish line and the caterers. It is essential that you wash your hands when you finish the event and also before eating.

    Will there be catering?

    Yes, top quality food will be available on site along with a bar. There are no cash machines on site or nearby so please bring enough money with you.

    Can I bring a pet?

    Sorry, no pets allowed.

    How do I volunteer?

    The Total Warrior volunteer army are simply unbelievable! There are lots of exciting volunteering opportunities within Total Warrior so please go to the Volunteers Page for more info or drop us an email to [email protected].

    Junior Warrior

    How long is the course?

    The Junior Warrior course will be approximately 2KM in length, depending on the specific venue. Each course will contain between 8 and 10 obstacles.

    What obstacles will be on the course and are they achievable for a 6 year old? Are there any height restrictions?

    The list of obstacles will vary at each Junior Warrior depending on the natural terrain. However, they are all built with the age range in mind, so we aim to ensure they are both achievable for the younger Warriors, whilst offering a challenge for our older and stronger Junior Warriors. Our construction team are awesome, and they tailor-make obstacles to deliver on both fronts. Keep an eye on the website for course details – including descriptions of each obstacle – as we get closer to the event. There is not a height restriction for this event. Junior Warriors are welcome with us whether you’re taller than your old man, or shorter than your old dog.

    Can I run with my child?

    Yes, you are welcome to run round with your child but the obstacles are ONLY for Junior Warriors. We set the courses up to make it great for friends and family to spectate around the course. The more noise the better please, so dig out those bells/clappers/drums/bang sticks/signs/big hands/enthusiastic grandparents etc.

    My child is not sure about this – can I register on the day once I’ve seen the course?

    Absolutely. It’s not just Total Warriors who get nervous. Our kids feel it too, and we understand that 100%. No pressure, just head down to the Event Village, grab an ice cream and let your child get a feel for it. If you or they have any questions, grab a member of the Total Warrior team and we’ll try to answer any questions you might have. Registration is available ahead of each wave (depending on availability), so if your child is keen, head to the registration tent and we’ll get them sorted. It’s cheaper to register in advance as this helps us to plan our logistics (medals etc) so please be aware you will pay a bit more registering on the day.

    My 8 year old is taking part in Junior Warrior, but I also have a 13 year old who would like to take part.  Is this possible?

    Yes, Junior Warrior is for 6 to 13 yr olds and they can run together as long as you select the same wave time. Kids aged 5 or younger and not able to participate.

    What should my child wear?  Are there changing rooms available?

    Any kit they feel comfortable being active in and kit you don’t mind getting (very) muddy! Likewise with shoes. We do have male and female changing facilities in our Event Village. Be sure to bring a full change of warm clothes and a towel as they will get wet and muddy.

    Does my child need to be able to swim?

    No. There will be water based obstacles but nothing which requires swimming. As with our Total Warrior courses, this event is about FUN. Junior Warriors can miss out any obstacles they do not feel comfortable with and can continue round the course.

    Do I have to pay to watch my child take part?

    There is no charge for spectating at Junior Warrior. There is a standard car park charge but no additional fee. Spectators are a massive part of what makes our events so special, so why would we discourage them by taking their money? You’ll probably grab a brew anyway, so get fuelled up, get out on course and make some noise!

    Once I’ve registered, what do I have to do to find out my child’s start time and bib number?

    You will receive information via email with your child’s start time ahead of the event. On the day, you’ll need to go to registration in order to confirm some key details for us, and pick up your child’s bib and some other goodies. You must do this before heading to the start line.

    What happens if my child’s start time is when I am running myself?

    If you are part of a large team, we are unable to move the team wave to accommodate this.  However, if you are happy to run solo, please email [email protected] and we may be able to move you to a different wave, depending on event capacity. There are also more Junior Waves this year so it should give you more flexibility around start times. Failing that you also have the option to run on different days (Sat/Sun) if that helps.

    Once we arrive on the day, what do we need to do and where do we need to go?

    Our car park team will welcome you, and follow the crowds (and the noise) to our Event Village. You’ll see signs for registration – that’s your first port of call and the team will advise you from there.

    What is your refund policy?

    We do not offer refunds, substitutions or deferrals for the Junior Warrior events.

    Ultra Warrior

    What is Ultra Warrior?

    Ultra Warrior was brand new in 2017 and was a great success and as a result each venue will offer an Ultra Warrior option. The concept is simple. Run as many 10K laps as you can in 5hrs.

    How does the event work?

    The course will have two check points, one at the start/finish line and one approximately at the half way point. So you can complete half and full laps. The winner is the participant who completes the most number of complete or half laps in the fastest possible time. But that is just a small part of the challenge. The real challenge is a personal challenge to see how many laps you can do. It’s a phenomenal achievement to tackle 5 hours of a Total Warrior course, so all Ultra Warriors will receive an exclusive Ultra Warrior t-shirt and a medal recognising the number of laps you’ve completed. That’s in addition to the usual goodies of course.

    How will you avoid queues at the obstacles?

    First of all, Total Warrior’s whole set up focusses on the event experience for each participant. This means scheduling the waves, setting wave capacity and planning the layout of the course to reduce the chances of anyone standing in queues. If you were hoping for a regularly rest…sorry. For Ultra Warrior, we will be capping entry at 150 per venue. Furthermore, we start the Ultra Warriors just before all the first Sunday wave sets off to give you an empty course to start off with.

    In Total Warrior you are allowed to skip obstacles if you have good reason to, can this be done in Ultra Warrior?

    Great question. In Total Warrior if you have a good reason to miss an obstacle, there is no obligation to try it and certainly no ‘punishment’. All we ask is that every Warrior gives each obstacle their best shot. There is no difference with Ultra Warrior, but in order to maintain fairness, marshals will radio in if runners frequently miss an obstacle without good reason.

    Is there suitable provisions on course for Ultra Warriors e.g. water stations?

    Yes. There are 3 water stations per lap including the finish line. There will be a refuel station at the finish available for Ultra Warriors as they pass through to begin another lap and you will be able to store bags and personal fuel/hydration at the transition point.

    Are there any ‘Ultra Warrior’ specific obstacles or challenges?

    No, it’s strictly the Total Warrior course. That said, our design and build team are a creative bunch who love a last minute twist, so I guess you’ll just have to wait and see!

    Can we run Ultra Warrior as a team?

    Absolutely! We even offer team discounts up to 10% to Ultra Warriors. You will need all the encouragement you can get so why not enter with your mates. Check out the Team Discounts page to find out more.