2020 Tough Mudders

Fellow ‘Mudmaniacs’ 

Like all of you, we’ve been following the recent #ToughMudder developments closely. It’s sad to see and we hope something is resolved as soon as possible.

We know a lot of you have already signed up to 2020 Mudder events and could lose out. If worse comes to worse, the Chief will be offering 2020 Mudders the opportunity to sign up to 2020 Great Northern Mud Run for £48, our speacial 2020 event weekend offer price.*

To register your interest, give the Chief an email and have your Mudder booking receipt ready. We’ll get you sorted.

This is going to cause an administrative nightmare for the Chief. Let’s hope the coffee is on.

If your interested, please contact us before Monday night.

[email protected]

*Sunday waves only