Active Root join as official hydration partner for 2019

We’re happy to announce Active Root as the official hydration partner for 2019. They will be providing their natural ginger sports drink to keep you fuelled and hydrated throughout your Total Warrior challenge. 

Active Root was born from frustration at the gut bombs and erratic spikes in energy caused by synthetic sports nutrition. Instead, Active Root uses natural ingredients and ginger to help you perform to your optimum by soothing your stomach, preventing bloating and exercised induced nausea and providing the optimal natural fuel and hydration to keep you going during your Total Warrior challenge.

Active Root will be the supporting you at the 12k hydration station as well as at the finish to help you recover.

If you’re keen to try Active Root to fuel your training prior to challenge day, then make sure you use the bespoke discount code ‘TOTALROOT’ to get your first Taster Kit containing all 3 flavours for just £5 inc postage, saving 50% on RRP.

Click here for more information.