Charlie tackles Total Warrior for YoungMinds

Mental health isn’t the easiest subject to talk about, especially when it involves young men. Statistics have it, one in seven young men aged between sixteen and twenty-four will have experienced depression and anxiety. Only a small fraction of these will seek help.

Charlie Andrews, like many, has personally struggled with mental health issues.

“I eventually hit rock bottom in my life, where I thought about harming myself.  Eventually, my mental health won the battle and at a very low point in my life, I self-harmed. I even contemplated ending my own life to make the stress and misery disappear.”

Charlie was fortunate to have the support of his family, friends and work colleagues. Not all can be as fortunate though. Due to the stigma that surrounds Mental Health, many try to carry on like normal.

Charlie will be taking part in the Total Warrior Original 12KM on Saturday 22nd June to raise money for YoungMinds. YoungMinds is one of the UK’s leading campaigning charities committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.

If you would like to support Charlie, visit his Just Giving Page here.