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  • 25 Punishing Obstacles
  • 10 Tons of Ice
  • 100 Tons of Mud
  • 1 Free Beer

Obstacle of the Month


Now we are talking!! If only every obstacle was like this!! Climb yourself up the steep hill, for once it is going to be worth it because at the top a giant 120ft slide awaits you!! How you get down is up to you, it could be on your back, front, or knees, whatever you decide, get ready for one hell of a ride!! Once at the bottom you might not know where the hell you are, so listen to the marshals and stumble majestically to the next obstacle!!

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That was incredible, I just wanted to do it again, in fact I did (twice)

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Below are some of the TW obstacles you might have to face. Watch this space for new obstacles coming soon!