Junior Warrior Obstacles

Junior Warrior Entry

Junior Warriors aged 6 and 7 must be accompanied by an adult; for those aged 8 and over, adults have the option to run with their child if they would like to. ADULT ENTRY IS ONLY £15 FOR THOSE WHO HAVE REGISTERED FOR TOTAL WARRIOR ORIGINAL (12K) OR TOTAL WARRIOR HALF (6K). If this applies to you, please email your main event entry confirmation (12K or 6K) to [email protected] and request your promo code for the £15 Junior Warrior entry. Adults who have NOT entered one of these events, but would still like to run with their child(ren), the price is the same as for a child and can be found on the table on the main Junior Warrior page. Adults and children both enter the event via the ‘ENTER NOW’ links also on the main Junior Warrior page. If you have any questions about adults running with Junior Warriors please email [email protected].

Thanks once again for a great event. My team are still buzzing from their experience which was really enhanced by the adults being able to do it alongside the children.


After a sell out 2021, we are set to welcome thousands of school children from far and wide to Junior Warrior once again in June 2022. If you think your school would fancy being a part of the fun on either Thursday 23rd or Friday 24th June, please give Charlie a shout via [email protected].

Can I just say a big ‘thank you’, to all the TW staff. It was a great day again and the ‘non-sporty’ children I brought along now are desperate to go off and find other activities they may enjoy. A brilliant, well organised and fun day. We will be back next year.