FitTribe Mothers take on Total Warrior Half

FitTribe Women's Day

This International Woman’s Day we are celebrating the incredible women who have taken part and continue to take part in our events. It’s great to see the grit and determination which characterised Britain’s suffrage and feminist movements, is alive and well in the women who tackle our events every year. 

We recently caught up with Louise Wright. Louise runs FitTribe, a fitness group she set up specifically to address the fitness needs of pre and postnatal women. So far, 22 of her group have registered for Total Warrior’s NEW Half 6K event.

What inspired you to start FitTribe?

As a postnatal woman myself (my boys are now 4 and 18 months) I realised how little there was locally for women with regards to guided exercise that is not only safe and effective but enables them to maintain or increase their activity levels throughout pregnancy and after. 

Pregnancy and motherhood has an enormous effect on women not just physically but emotionally. Motherhood changed me dramatically. My confidence was completely knocked. Even despite being a fitness professional, when I became pregnant I suddenly felt afraid of exercise and unsure about what would be safe throughout my pregnancy and while I was recovering post birth. 

Having decided to complete a pre & post natal exercise specialism, I attended an additional pelvic floor awareness programme with the intention of providing a group exercise environment for local women. 

The FitTribe class hard at work

What services do you provide?

Mums can bring their babies and children to class so childcare is not an issue. I provide toys, distractions and I feed their babies in an effort to give deserving mothers 45 minutes in their day where THEY are the priority. 

When did you start FitTribe?

FitTribe launched last summer following my second stint of maternity leave. I was unable to return to my existing post and juggle my commitments as a wife and mother so I jumped right in hoping for the best!  Approximately 100 women have walked through my doors since then.

Why did you sign your class up to Total Warrior?

I have always wanted to complete a challenge like this, but for one reason or another, I never had the confidence to do so. Following the birth of my second child I suffered with postnatal depression.  I decided to start doing more of what scares me instead of making excuses. I have worked hard to rediscover myself and my personal interests outside of motherhood. I joined a local running club and recently completed my first half marathon (another one on the bucket list) and having seen the New Total Warrior Half event this year I decided this would be a great opportunity to get my Mummy’s involved and to work for something together. The ladies that attend my classes are super motivated, super determined and awesome company so we are thoroughly looking forward to getting dirty and completing this challenge together. The challenge has been so well received that other members of the FitTribe are joining us to complete it, we currently have a team of 22!

Is there anything you’d like to say to other women reading this right now?

If we can do it, you can do it. It’s not about your time. It’s about finishing the course with a smile on your face. See you on June 22nd! 

Louise runs her FitTribe sessions in Wetherby and Leeds. Her troop will be taking part in the Total Warrior Half 6K event. For information about her classes, please email Louise here or visit her Facebook Page.