5 Things To Know

“Most incredibly satisfying personal achievement ever”

Thousands of people take on Total Warrior each year. However, every year we are amazed at how many people feel they won’t be able to finish, or are not sure if this event is for them. So to help you decide, we’ve pulled together a list of five things you should know about Total Warrior.

5 Things

1. This is not your average fun run

Total Warrior cranks it up several notches so you need to be prepared for the ultimate test of stamina, strength and determination. With 25+ punishing obstacles Total Warrior prides itself on offering greater variety and more obstacles-per-kilometre (or pain-for-your-pound) than other events out there. So, if you want to avoid falling at the first giant hurdle, don’t forget your the upper body training. Make sure you bring a change of clothes to wear with your free finisher’s T-shirt at the after-party because your going to get a bit muddy. A big bit muddy.

5 Things

2. There are lots of different ways to “win”

In many ways, the beauty of Total Warrior is that the precise nature of the challenge can differ from person to person. Timing chips are provided (12K only), so participants can set themselves a personal target or aim to do it faster than a friend or rival. For some, the challenge will be to complete every Total Warrior day over the event weekend. For others, it is to take home the coveted Best Fancy Dress prize. Some people sign up to lose weight; others sign up to raise money for a cause close to their hearts. But for most participants, “winning” simply means crossing the finish line and enjoying a well-earned free beer. Whatever your personal goal, you’ll find the support and camaraderie of your fellow Warriors provides the motivation you need to achieve it.

5 Things

3. It’s Not Just for Men

Far from it, in fact. The profile of Total Warrior participants has changed considerably since the event began in 2011 and now around 45% of entrants are female. Participants come from all over the world to experience a Total Warrior event, with Warriors sharing their battle stories over a beer at the post-race party long after the final person has crossed the finishing line. So stick around, enjoy the festival atmosphere and savour the moment. You’ve earned it!

5 Things

4. Bring Your Mates

You can fly solo if you wish – and many Warriors do – but 80% of participants choose to run as part of a team. That way, when you’re knackered, soaked, muddied, and close to tears, at least you’ll have the consolation of looking around and knowing from their faces that your mates are suffering too.

5 Things

5. Dress for the Occasion

Total Warrior is tough, there’s no getting away from that. But it’s also a hell of a lot of fun. So wear a vest if you want to show off your muscles, but most importantly, wear a smile. And while we’re on the subject of what to wear, did we mention the mud? No? Well, unless you were a hippopotamus in a previous life, you will almost certainly never have encountered as much mud as you will here. So leave your best clobber at home and come prepared for mud, sweat, and beers.