Red Venom announced as 2019 compression partner

We’re happy to announce our new Compression Partner for 2019.

Red Venom make some of the finest performance enhancing clothing on the market. To mark this exciting new partnership, Red Venom have kindly given us a 20% discount code for you Warriors* 

What’s all the hype?

Compression clothing is based on decades of both medical use and research. Historically, compression clothing has been used to increase blood flow and circulation, to prevent the formation of blood clots or cases of deep vein thrombosis in inactive patients.

When athletes use specialist compression clothing, the increased blood flow and circulation increase oxygen delivery, maximising muscle performance and recovery rates, reducing the risk of muscle damage.

How do I get my discount?

Head to their website, find the product you want and enter the discount code Warrior20.

*Discount applies for Red Venom compression products only.